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Hi Guys, it's been a while since I posted. A guy from Parks and Rec's recently approached me and asked me if I could provide affordable photography for the community. I said yes and saw some of the work their previous photographer was doing and he was using a painted background.  I had the bright idea of using a green screen, but I've never used a green screen before. After doing some research I found out it could be tedious and you can get green spill on your subjects. 

Does anyone here have experience with green screens and is it possible to light it with 3 speedlights? I have 2 600 ex Rt and a 430 ex iii rt...  I'm doing full teams of 10 players and coach and individuals.    


  • For large backdrops, it's often advantageous to have four lights.  You can do it with less, but only if you have the extra room (lights further away allows for less falloff differences).  But that also now demands more power output.  If you plan on using your three speelites to light the background, you'll need to compensate for the 430's 2/3 stop less output as compared to the 600 series.

    In terms of the spill on your subject, that would depend upon the reflected light from the background.  Same thing happens with other colors (e.g. white).  Too much reflected light will blow out your subject's edges.

    Have you considered shooting against gray or black?  For photography work, they often make for easy compositing.
  • never thought about gray or black, usually teams wear black uniforms and gray pants (tball)  I think green or blue would be easier, I went online and just purchased 2 more speedlights 600 (yongnuo) (they can be triggered with my ST-E3)  to light the background.. Now I have to figure out how to light the background with umbrelllas? and use softboxes to light my talent? I have some testing to do. 
  • Thanks for your imput RS_EOS
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