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Tethering Basics (was "Business Headshot Tips")

Canon Support is closed on the weekends, and before I start an Internet search, I have some basic questions about tethering. I *think* I will be able to abscond my daughter's older laptop, and use if for an upcoming job. Neil made the comment it is very important to shoot tethered.

I'm assuming you can't just plug the camera into the computer. So what do I need to do in terms of software on the laptop? Do you guys use LR for this? Is there "tethering software"? Or, does the wireless application do the trick.

Any help in lieu of my searching will be appreciated.



  • I got it, false alarm. It was in the EOS Utility Disk. Just hooked it up, and took some photos. Now I need a longer cord.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Or ... if  your camera allows, use the Wi-Fi function to at least place the small JPGs on the laptop so your clients can view the images and select their choice right then.  This also allows them to adjust anything they want in their clothing or hair or pose. 
  • Hi, Neil - thanks, I might try it. Right now, the Canon EOS utility which came with the camera is working well. My daughter's old laptop has a 15-inch screen, and things are going well. I believe there is an option to save the photos to the computer through DPP. The display window looks great, and has been a big help for me "practicing" and adjusting things using the camera's wireless remote. I'm feeling pretty OK. I have a gray "mauslin(?)" collapsible background, and I'm going to test out some different gels on the light I have illuminating it to see what weird colors I can get.

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