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D750 issue

ALM_327ALM_327 Member
I just shot a portrait session with a new Nikon D750 for the first time the other day and several times during the shoot the image did not immediately display on the LED after releasing the shutter, instead I got an hourglass for about 5 seconds before it showed up. Slightly annoying for a portrait shoot, but I am shooting a wedding Saturday and that obviously would be more than slightly annoying at key times during a wedding and reception.. anyone ever have this happen before? I was saving to both card simultaneously on Sandisk 32gb 80mb/s cards..


  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    There appears to be trouble with the shutter on the D750 about flare problems, dark/ugly banding and delay in writing to card. All over forums, etc.

    General Google search HERE


  • That rots! I thought the D750 is the Nikon workhorse.. Not sure if its related but I have heard first hand that when saving Raws to one card and Jpgs to the other it only recorded jpgs. No raws. Check your cards. Could be a compatibility issue or faulty card. An easy check is to set the preview to slot one and check and then check slot two for preview playback. If one slot is slower than the other could be the card in that slot. 

  • I would suspect it maybe your cards not writing quickly enough, have you tried a faster card to see if the problem is still there?

  • Canonjay, I didn't know there was a setting for preview on slot one or two? 
  • Hi cakencamera,

    If I am not mistaken on the Nikon's you can hit the "i" button during playback to choose which card to playback. Or hold down the bracket button? can't remember exactly but I know there is a way and if my memory serves me its on page 245 of the 750 manual. (The only reason I know this is I had researched it for a friend having problems with the Nikon way back when) 

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    What speed are your cards? I also suspect it might relate to the camera's buffer not being able to write to your cards fast enough.
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