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Now that Lexar is Gone , Is Sandisk my only option ?

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
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I need to buy some CF cards , I normally get Lexar, Know that they are gone  Is Sandisk my only option for PRO cards. Are they just as good as Lexar?

Lou Recine 


  • Lou,

    I hope your not feeling like me when they discontinued aperture:) Anyhow, there are always 3rd party options for cards, so not to worry. I currently have several Velocity pro master 32 Gig cards that I use with success. Not a single issue. I also have Lexar and Sandisk and knock on wood, never had a problem. I format all cards in camera twice before I take a picture, but going back to your original question, most cards these days are about equal. You just pay for speed and brand. With that said, Sandisk is the leader in Pro cards and are the industry standard for professionals. 

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I think that Sandisk has a better reputation than Lexar. 
    So you're safe there. 
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