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Shooting Photo and Video at events.

Hi Everyone
Is there any way shoot video and stills at events when your on your own. 
Does any one have experience in this ??

Lou Recine


  • Hi Lou -

    I have done this a couple of times in the past. The first time was an awards ceremony at a construction site. All that was required was a video of the guys getting their awards. I brought along a spare camera, set it on a tripod, had the field of view set wide enough, and hit "go". All the while I was roaming the hall, taking photos with my other camera.

    The second time was a speaker at a conference who wanted about 10 minutes of video, and then photos, but the did not have to be concurrent. I had the two cameras, but what we decided was for me to take video in the beginning, and then switch to photos. This was way easier than the first time, because I had a lot more control over the video.

    Do either of these help for your gig? Can you film and snap photos while you are filming? I know that puts a blip in the video, but that might be an option (which I'm sure you've thought of).

  • MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
    edited August 2017
    Hi Dave
    Thanks for the insight , great ideas , Third option I was  thinking since I bring  along  an assistant to help me with lighting away , I could have them shoot video clips  kiss /speeches  /Ceremony when I don't need help with lighting.

    I thought about shooting while videoing and your right , It would cause a blip in the video so Also  I  would have to decide  photo or video the first kiss as an example.

    Lou Recine
  • Lou - If you have an assistant (which I have never had), it's probably the best option. I suppose you would have to put together some kind of schedule to make sure he/she is in the place you want (lighting for important stuff or video for that same important stuff).

  • I have done it but it is quite hectic to do the both at the same time. Keep and assistant with you.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Agreed on the suggestion to have another person there to concentrate on shooting video, if only to man the camera. 
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