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Photographing Bowling

dbrunodbruno Member
edited August 25 in general photography
Hi - Part of this year's Christmas/Holiday party for a regular corporate client of mine will be a bowling tourney, and they've asked me to photograph it. I've done some quick searching on line, and there are some interesting ideas. But I feel not only is the lighting possibly a challenge, but also the distraction to the bowler if you are set up to the side of them, waiting for them to roll. If you are set up where everyone is seated waiting for their turns, you get back side of the bowler and the pins. I've seen a couple of posts where the camera is set on a tripod to the side of the bowler, and is fired remotely. But this doesn't handle the issue of multiple lanes, and probably 50-70 people taking part (I'm sure they've rented the whole place for this).

Anyone ever do this with moderate to good success? Any suggestions otherwise? I know it's months away, but better to be early.

Thanks - Dave


  • You get some interesting shoots Dave! I have absolutely no idea how to shoot 70 people bowling. I most likely would not overthink it too much. I would just take candid and wide angle shots throughout the night and make sure I have a couple of shots of everyone. (Tip: Get extra shots of the bigwigs and compliment them) You will sure get the party next year!

  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Thanks, Jay. I saw a suggestion of setting up next to an alley, and use a remote to snap the photo so to not distract the bowler. So, maybe I set up next to one alley, take a bunch, go to another alley, take a bunch. I've got time, it's not until December.

    BTW, I do really like the variety of stuff that seems to come my way.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Photographing 70 people bowling? 
    To be sure to get a shot of everyone, you'd have to work systematically with a team of photographers - unless they are more interested in just snaps of the event to remember it by? 

    I would most likely attempt this with just the available light, and shoot at a higher ISO. But that depends on the venue lighting itself. Still, I would take my usual rigs to have close-by in my car, so I can adapt to the place. 

    Anyway, have you shot this yet? 
  • Thanks, Neil. That's a good suggestion about available light. I'm sure I'll also be takingplenty of these folks clowning around with each other. Another good client of mine, and the people are really enjoyable to be around.

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