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Holdfast money maker question

I just read over Neil's list of best purchases for 2017.  I see that he listed the Holdfast Money Maker.  I have been looking at this thing for quite sometime now but I could never bring myself to making the purchase.  Does anyone here use this and more importantly, does anyone use this with flashes attached to their bodies?  I just get the feeling that a couple D750's (one with grip), a 24-70 and a 70-200 on the other would get a bit cumbersome.... (Although the 70-200 does get swapped out at times)
I tend to shoot with one camera for most of the (wedding) day but I do have two with me at all times(backup in bag).  I feel it would be convenient to be able to carry two bodies with lenses attached, especially for ceremonies and first dances....



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    With two cameras on it, I tend to only have a flash on one of the bodies - the main one I am using ... which is usually the D5 with the 24-70mm. 
    This way the heavy 70-200mm and cameras don't have a flash on it while it swings from my side. 
  • If you need flash with the 24-70 would you not need flash with the 70-200 also Neil? Or do you swap the flash over and back? I tried doing this abd its ok with Canon 600ex's but way too slow with the crappy winding wheel of the godox v860ii's.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    There are two kinds of scenarios ... where I quickly need to switch between the cameras. Then I have a flash on each camera. 

    Other times of the shoot, I only rarely need the longer lens during the shoot.  Then I swap out the flash as is necessary - for example, with the reception, I only need the longer lens with the toasts and perhaps the parent dances (depending on the size of the venue.)  Then I swap the flash out. 
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