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Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VRll

sathlersathler Member
edited January 2018 in Nikon

Just wondering  If anyone who owns one could give me their thoughts about this lens.

My Cameras are Nikon D4 and Nikon D500. ( which of these two would be better for image quality?) 

Some of my questions:

1)  How hand holdable the lens is?
2)  Any particular issues? Calibration necessary  when buying new?
3). How good the AF tracking is for action/sports/wild life.
4) Good for portraits outdoors?

I was going to buy the 300mm f/4D AF-S IF ED (currently in production) but I live in an area that is VERY HUMID and Very HOT also VERY DUSTY at times.
So because of the limitations of the 300mm f/4 regarding  not being weather sealed made me think about the 300mm f/2.8 as it suppose to be nearly indestructible.

Have seen on youtube some mix comments. Some say it's A HUGE lens...others say it's not too big at all.
I don't want to have a GIGANTIC lens that would call all the attention in public...

Thank you for any help regarding this lens.

PS: Tamron (rummors) have apparently patented for a f/2.8...If Tamron brings a f/2.8 in 2018 would be amazing as Tamron latest lenses (15-30mmf/2.8 which I have) and the 70-200mm have been considered  better than the Nikon.


  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Just get Dr Google to search for reviews, all of which seem to have this lens rated so fast at auto focus/lock and hold that each reviewer is amazed, from close to distant in blink of an eye apparently. (I do not own one, on the 'wish list').

    I most definitely would get one over the f/4D for sure, blows is out of the water in comparison some reviews have stated.

    Do a good search and read them all, I did not see a bad review in the 1/2 dozen I read.


  • Thanks Trev!

    I have spent heaps of hours on the internet reading reviews, youtube,flickr etc... But I thought it would be beneficial to hear from some of the people here in this forum their experiences using this lens.The size of this lens when viewing on the net seems to look different each time
    depending how it was filmed...sometimes I look at one and think that's not too big actually and other times I go: Bloody hell this thing is huge! Same with the Lens hood.

    I would eventually like to shoot some surf action but as this lens does not have a front filter it worries me that the main glass is then exposed to salt, sand  etc. It would be less risk If it would take a filter so If damaged occurred  during the cleaning process you can just buy another filter...What you think? Thanks mate!
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I don't have the f/2.8 optic, but I have the f/4E lens ... and it is very handholdable! It is only 6" long and it is light. And it takes a 77mm filter. 
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