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What battery do I need for Sony Cybershot?

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
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Hi: By any chance does anyone use an older model Sony Cybershot movie camera?

I have a used Sony Cybershot Mpeg Movie, 5megapixel HQX. Model# DSC F717 movie camera. 

I need a battery charger but can't tell which one to get. I'd like to be sure I'm getting the right one. I posted a question on a forum at the Sony website but it looks like it does not get a lot of activity so not sure I'll get a response. I am 99 percent sure I have the right battery -- a Sony NP FM50. Looking for the right charger. The manual calls for an AC-L10 adapter/charger but that seems only to be an adapter. I don't see what charger to get. 

For some reason I have a Sony BC-VM10 charger but I don't not think this is the correct one, even though the battery fits. Nothing online suggests this is the right one (that I've seen.)

Thank you. 


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