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Taking pictures of a model who is walking towards me

When photographing a model walking towards me, what is the best way to keep her in focus? I use a Canon 5d mark 4.


  • I have the same situation with speakers at conferences. Try plating around with AI Servo or AI Focus. I would have to get my camera to see which one I use. I always use the single-point center focus when doing this.

  • Use back button focus and set camera to Al servo. As long as you are holding the back button to focus it will continually track with you in control . Problem solved:) 

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    For static subjects such as speakers at a podium, use AF-S / Single focus mode. 

    For a model walking towards you, use AF-C / Servo mode. 

    Also remember, if you use Servo mode, you lose the AF-assist beam from your flash 
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