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Flashpoint On-Camera Speedlight Issue

If there are any users of Flashpoint out there, I would like your opinion on the focus-assist beam when using it on camera. I'm trying to figure out if my unit has an issue, or if Flashpoint in general has an issue. I've had some events in low light lately, and it's been taking a long time for my camera to focus. I don't think it's the camera - Canon 6D, using single center-point focus, 24-105 mm F4.0 lens typically at F5.6. I can see the focus beam emanating from the flash, but it takes a couple of seconds for the camera to obtain focus. I'm big on candid moments, and I've missed a lot. If anyone can comment on this, or if I'm doing something wrong with the camera, let me know. I have other flashes, but this one has the Li-on battery. The others I have to lug an external battery pack around in a shoulder sling.

Thanks - Dave


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    How close are you to your subject?  There might be parallax error between where your flash projects the red pattern, and where your camera's focusing sensor is.

    My other recommendation would have been to make sure you use the central focusing sensor, not one of the outer focusing sensors ... but I see you are using the central sensor here already.
  • Neil - In trying out my FP vs. my Canon 580 EXII, the FP AF-assist beam looks like a cross-hatch pattern of thin lines, while the Canon has some really thick vertical lines.

    The distance question: idk, maybe 12 to 15-ish feet? The dilemma for me is candid photos, which I love taking, and I was missing some good ones. I wish Canon would come out with a Speedlight with an Li-on battery.

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