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Sony A7III and Canon Glass

Hi all,

Anyone got experience using sony mirrorless  cameras and canon glass with the sigma adapter?

I was at the photography show at the NEC here in the uk last month, had a chance to play with the A7III and absolutely loved it, sony glass of course. But was told that I could use my canon lenses with the sigma adapter so the initial switch wouldn't be that painful in terms of glass investment.
As I see it I could progressively sell the canon glass to fund sony lenses.

I'm really tempted to switch to Sony (A7III) as a next upgrade but also thinking that the EOS R may catch up with sony in terms of eye af (video Im not overly concerned about), had a quick play with EOS R and was initially impressed. Is the eye af on the eos R that inferior to Sony's?

Interested to hear from those that have switched from canon to sony, especially re using canon glass.


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