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Best modifiers for off camera flash during family formals

I'm looking at ways to bring on my family formals.  Inside I use a 7' parabolic umbrella but, in the UK, this usually won't work outside - as it's often too windy.  Can you please suggest something which will create a balance between relative soft (fill) light and size, so it doesn't get blown over - even with sandbags on the lightstands!  Any thoughts very welcome.  Much appreciated.  Julian


  • Hi Julian. I'm a UK photographer using umbrellas and understand your issue completely. I've previously used Profoto B2's without modifier, positioned correctly shadow is kept to a minimum. Other than that, Lastolite Softbox which is better in the wind than an umbrella.
  • Hi. I am also a UK photographer shooting corporate mainly but same principle for family groups. I use a Lastolite EzyBox with speedlight for small groups or a Bowens with softbox and battery pack. Never had one fall over on me yet (touch wood) but I always use a sandbag or my camera bag to hold it steady.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    For outdoors off-camera flash, I prefer a small or medium sized softbox. These are less likely to scoop the wind like an umbrella would. 

    Check out the Lastolite Ezyboxes for a softbox that sets up real fast. 
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