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In store setup

I want to photograph a gal in the produce section of a store as she is in the food business.  Need help with how to set up off camera flash as stores have gross lighting.  I have lots of umbrellas,etc.  Also own 2 - B2’s and 2 A-1’s.  I want the produce to be obvious in the photo, not blurred out.  Ideas???


  • Hi Mary, 

    I hope my comment is not to late to assist you. I do this type of work daily and do not be  intimidated by the lighting in the grocery store. ( just the fake beef patties) lol!!! All kidding aside, set your lighting as you would for any other portrait, gel your  lights to the temperature of the lighting. I’m assuming fluorescent of course. Set your white balance to that and shoot away! If your using mirrorless camera watch for banding, but to avoid, just use mechanical shutter only. Skip the electronic shutter. The store lighting should now become your ally:) use it to your advantage in lighting backgrounds, but a pro tip is not to position subject directly underneath if your settings vary, could cast strange shadow. I hope that helps and if I could be of further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask!! Happy new year all! 

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