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Neil, do you light groups evenly for outdoor formals as well?

crossover37crossover37 Member
edited July 2011 in wedding photography

I wanted to firstly thank you for all the help you given through this website.

I had a question about group shots outside. I know you stated that you light groups evenly with 2 umbrellas indoors, but what about outdoors? Do you still go for an even light spread from two lights? I have some outdoor formals (15 in the group) I'm shooting outside in a backyard for a little after-party for a couple getting married at the courthouse. I was thinking of maybe setting up a 43" umbrella (in reflective mode) with a speedlight and feathering it so the main middle area of the light points towards the other side of the group and the feathered part hits the people closer to the umbrella so the light will be even on the group. I will then use a 43" reflective umbrella right behind me for fill flash to fill in the shadows a touch. This should give me more depth to my image (I found out this setup online but instead of the umbrella for fill, the photog used straight flash). Would you agree Neil that this could this work? Any potential problems with it?

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