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Canon Speedlight flash 580EX II Master + 430EX II slave (ratio balance available)

Chrisparis75Chrisparis75 Member
edited October 2011 in Canon
Hi everybody,
I work with canon speedlights (580EXII set as Master and several 430 EX II as slave). When I want to use ratio with several slaves there is absolutely no problem with it (everything is explained in the manual with groups A and B).

It's another story when I want to use ONLY : 1 speedlight 580EXII as a Master and 1 speedlight 430EXII as a slave (using the Canon embedded flash management system (if I can call it so)).

The point is that I don't know how to change the ratio between the master and the slave.

I can either :
- use the Master with full power and change the ratio of the slave
- disable the light of the master and use only the slave

I would like to keep the ETTL feature (I cannot afford a pocket wizard now).
If someone happens to know how I should do I would be greatfull !
Thanks a lot for your help.


PS : I apologize for my poor english.

(Toulon - France)


  • I think the reason no one has answered you is because we are not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to have the slave full (or higher) power than the master?
  • If you are trying to shot the master at lower power than the slave then do this via the camera menu. Keep in mind that A:B means that the master is always "A" and the slave always "B". So if you select the ratio to be 1:3. The master is 1 and the slave 3. but if you select 3:1 then the master is 3 and the slave 1. To do this hit the "MENU" button on the camera. Scroll down to "FLASH CONTROL". Then scroll to "EXTERNAL FLASH FUNC. SETTING" then select "WIRELESS SET". Go to "A:B fire ratio" and choose the ratio to you want. Keep in mind that it is ALWAYs A:B...does this answer your question?
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