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Nikon D300s or Canon 1d mk2n

siskasiska Member
edited December 2013 in general photography
Hello Neil,

I want to make a decision to buy either d300s or 1d mk2 n in very good condition (1000 dollar - clicks 20k) for pet photography (also portrait and general use for outdoor photography - countryside.
What would be the best choise. I have the ef 70-200 L 2.8 allready. Prints up to 75x50 cm in fine art labo

Thanks for your advice,

Krist from Belgium (Brussels)


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    This is a tough choice ... I really liked the 1D mk2N
    It's a solid camera and Canon had brought in quite a few improvements over the mk2 to make it a really good camera.

    The Nikon D300 is a more recent camera, and offers 12 megapixels over the 8 megapixles of the mk2N

    So if we look at how large the images can be enlarged:

    This question in a way also relates to this topic:

    If we consider a print size of 75x50 cm .. which is 30x20 inches

    Nikon D300 offers: 4288 x 2848 pixels
    Canon 1D mk2N : 3504 x 2336 pixels

    at 230 pixels per inch,
    the Nikon D300 can be printed to 18 x 12 inches without up-rezzing
    the Canon 1D mk2N can be printed to 15 x 10 inches

    I don't think the D300 offers that big a jump in resolution compared to the 1D mk2N, although the extra pixels are useful.

    Another option might be to consider a used classic 5D ... this would give you 12 megapixels as well, for around $1000, without you having to sell your 70-200 f2.8

    There is also the other benefits of the D300 to consider such as the self-cleaning sensor.

    But ultimately, a very tough decision. Which I think means you can't really go wrong either way.
  • Hello Neil,

    Thanks for your advice.
    Megapixels aren't everything. I already let made 75x50 prints with 12 mp (6MP interpolated, must be something 8 MP real) from fuji s3pro on fine art canvas and the result is fantastic..
    I think the way a good labo interpolates and processes an image is an art on its own.
    Referring to what can be done with a Durst lambda printer. I know a French professional nature Photograhper who made 120 x80 cm prints for an exibition made with 1dmk2n.
    He says that 90x60 cm prints with 1dmk2 can be perfect, whitout any problems.

    Yes 5 D is fantastic image quality, but what about the AF fo moving targets..

    Perhaps a good 40d would also be an option..?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Krist -

    Since you mention *Pet* photography first, and also are wondering about 3D AF points, you might need a camera that has a good FPS rate and an auto focus system that will keep up with your moving subjects.

    Canon 40D: 6.5 FPS, 9AF points
    Canon 5D: 3FPS, 9 AF points
    Nikon D300s: 7FPS, 8FPS w/ Battery Grip, 51 AF points, 3D AF

    Out of the ones mentioned, D300s is likely the fastest, with the most tracking points, and certainly the newest. Good enough to keep up with a puppy!

    If you're going to be doing a lot of work outdoors, then you might also consider the D300s is the only camera out of these three with weather sealing.

    Sticking with Canon for the reasons Neil mentioned is also a plus: FX sensor on 5D and you can keep the 70-200 L. You mentioned landscape too, for which I believe an FX sensor would perform slightly better -and- not require a high FPS.

    So what do you plan to shoot more? Pets, or landscape?

    Pets: D300s
    Landscape: 5D

    My thoughts. :)
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