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Color temp of the nikon tungsten attachment for sb-700?

heidiaheidia Member
edited November 2011 in general photography
You know how the Nikon sb-700 comes with that handy little orange tungsten attachment? :) Anyone know the color temp of this thingie? I am assuming it is comparable to the full gels, so 2800-2900, right? I ask because I am going to order some of the 1/2 CTS gel, and if this attachment is close to the Full CTO, I will just forego ordering that(unless there is some other reason to order that as well?). Thanks!


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    They do seem close to full CTO gels.

    It might still be useful to get a sheet of full CTS, since these gels become crinkled and often get lost.
  • i own the sb700, the orange gell is a full cut cto which is way too strong for me under tungsten light, so i just purchased the clear gel from B&h and i will cut half cut rosco gels to fit inside
  • yea sorry i was a little unclear, the sb 700 comes with two hard gels that fit on then head of the flash there is a full cut of green for fluorescent (which is useless b/c u need to stack a half cut green with a half cut orange to balance florescent) and a full cut of orange ( also useless unless ur going for special effect) so i bought a clear gel cap in B&h made by Nikon for the sb700 for inserting ur own soft gels inside, i then cut a half cut of CTO to fit inside and now i can balance tungsten more naturally
  • Thank you Neil. :) I have some 1/2 now, and the rosco sample pack to try out the other versions too. :)

    Naftoli, that is a great idea in re to the gel holder, sounds easier than tape. :)
  • yea the nikon gel holder costs like 15 bucks in b&h, just recently i saw a different way to gel flash to match tungsten with a half cut of cts (color temperature straw) i think ill by a sheet of it tom in B&H, mabe ill start a thread about it
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