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general question regarding flash fotography on Nikon

OvidiuOvidiu Member
edited November 2011 in Nikon
this might sound like a very dumb question but I need to ask it.

Lets asume I am using a Nikon D90 and a Sigma 18-50 2.8 lens.

Trying to take a few test shots indoors, I have a Nissin Di866 flash on-camera set to TTL and the camera is in aperture mode set to 2.8 while the camera is set to auto-iso and the settings are: 200-800 ISO minimum shutter speed 1/80

I take a picture and the result is something like: ISO 200 f2.8 1/2s shutter speed.

Isn't the camera supposed to respect the auto-iso settings meaning that it will not go below 1/80s and then either ramp up the flash or bump the ISO up? The result is unusable.
I have to set the camera to manual mode to get usable results.

Just wanting to make sure I am not doing something wrong?

Btw. lets asume one is doing some indoor event shooting I guess I will have the camera in aperture mode set to 2.8 for low lighting conditions and my ISO set to 200-800 min. shutterspeed 1/80 and a 18-50mm lens. If I now need to add bounce flash to the available light, I would have to get out of auto-iso mode and bump up my ISO manually, change to manual mode set the flash to TTL, right?

Can someone using Nikon describe his/her default setting for the situation I just described please?


  • Hi Ovidiu
    I don't let the camera do Auto any thing, ( except for Focus and Flash TTL ) you'll always be fighting the manufacture program which is based on algorithm set by the programer,
    The camera will always try to put you in average.
  • if ur using ttl theres no reason to use aperture priority, on nikon cameras if u use aperature priority with flash (where flash is ur main light source(ie: indoors)) the camera is set by default to choose 1/60 of a sec, shutter speed u may as well just use Manual, and since ur using ttl it wont matter what fstop or shutterspeed ur at, the flash will illuminate correctly every time
  • thanks Naftoli, I did some reading up meanwhile and found out that 1/60 you are talking about is actually a setting one can change between 30s - 1/60s and applies to A,P and S mode.
    As you said, there is no reason for using aperture mode with flash.
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