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What kind of gels do u use to match tungsten & fluorecsent

NaftoliNaftoli Member
edited February 2013 in general photography
until now ive been using a half cut CTO for tungsten and a half cut CTO stacked on a half cut green, recently i saw people using CTS (Color temperature Straw) for incandescent what do u use? and what kelvin do u set ur camera at?


  • Generally, I use one layer of 1/2 CTS on my flash with the camera set at tungsten WB. CTS has a little less redness than CTO. Neil uses CTO and 1/2 CTO if he wants more warmth in the image, but also has used CTS or 1/2 CTS.

    Cameras have different color temperatures at the preset WB, so consult your manual to make sure the preset WB's color temperature is close to the gel's WB.
  • thanx stephen i just bought a sheet of half cut cts from B&H it seems to do a much better job than cto i set my white balance to 3700
  • hello everyone, id like to share with u my method of attaching gels to my speedlights. using my method will not obstruct any modifiers like the spinlight, fong dong, stofen, bounce card etc. with Neils permission here is the link to my detailed DIY solution http://www.naftolig.com/blog/2013/1/how-to-atach-gels-to-your-flash
  • Naftoli,

    I've been storing my gels on my lens hood with velcro. With your method I don't think this would be possible. Have you come across a convenient way to store and access your gels?

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited February 2013
    Naftoli said: i just bought a sheet of half cut cts from B&H it seems to do a much better job than cto i set my white balance to 3700
    Yep, that's what I use and the same K setting.

    'Storing'. Nothing more complicated then a two strips of black gaffer/duct tape just on edges of the gel, and then taped to top of lens hood. It simply does not matter if gel gets some tiny creases in them, no need to be pristine with them.

    I have had the same pieces on my lens hoods for approx. 18 months now. Just make sure they are on the top and even reversing the hoods to put the camera [I leave my lenses on bodies at all times] back in the bag the gel is not rubbing against any of the compartment sides, so nothing to impede it going in.

    a] Quick immediate access
    b] Quick storing when taking it off if I want to use no gel.
  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited February 2013
    The CTO and CTS series gels have the both have the same amount of color temprature correction power (e.g. a 1/2 CTO and 1/2 CTS gel will both convert 5000K to approximately 3800K), so they will both correct for Tungsten lighting casts equally well. The only real difference between them is that the CTO has a bit more red, and CTS has a bit more yellow...

    From a portrait photographer's point of view the practical usability difference is that CTO will tend to give subjects a bit of a tanned look (depending on the strength of the CTO gel), whereas a CTS will not. My personal 'rule of thumb' is to use CTO on pale subjects who I want to add a bit of 'healthy glow' to, and CTS on folks who already have a tan, and don't need any additional help in that department. :-

    The Full CTS will bring your flash WB down to around 2900K, more or less neutralising the look of the Tungsten light. The 1/2 CTS will bring your flash WB to around 3800K, which will leave your backgrounds still with a touch of the warmth of Tungsten lighting.


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