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Nikon SB-910 flash announced for December

StephenStephen Member
edited November 2011 in flash & lighting
Press URL:

This replaces the SB-900. Even though the press release makes the SB-910 sound like a big deal, Thom Hogan at bythom.com notes that the SB-910 changes only a few things:

1) Instead of shutting down when thermal cutoff is reached, the new version will slow down instead (like the SB-700). You can still turn off this function entirely and tax your strobe fully.
2) Replacing the Zoom button with a Menu button,
3) Addition of two hard plastic fllters instead of gel.
4) Plastic casing has been slightly reshaped
5) LCD changed

It seems most people will be interested in the revised thermal cutoff.


  • It would be nice if Nikon did a Firmware up-grade for the SB-900 that did the same thing instead of making us buy a new unit to solve a problem they caused .

    Very Microsoft Like, don't you think.

  • I suspect that the thermal design flaw in the SB-900 was actually physical in nature. When the SB-700 was released, it had the revised thermal cutoff system, so I am not certain that it would have been a firmware fix.

    I think Nikon should have done a recall on the SB-900.
  • That would mean admitting it was a Flaw.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited November 2011
    I still don't see that there was a problem with the SB-900.
    Neither is there a need for a recall.

    I have my SB-910 on pre-order.
    After playing with it and testing it, the first thing I am going to do, is disable that slowing-down of the flash's output. That would drive me nuts as well. I want the flash to fire when *I* want the flash to fire.

    Back to the SB-900 .. it's the best speedlight out there on the market.

    Everyone seems to think the thermal shut-off means that the SB-900 overheats. The news is ... ALL speedlights will overheat and melt if used too hard.
  • Hi Neil
    I agree for the most part, I love my Sb-900 . I think the frustration everyone is having is that the SB-900 Thermo Protections shuts the flash down at the most in-opertune times, ( the Procession for example ) and its hard to figure out the cause. Especially when your on a job .

    So I try to correct for it , for Example{

    I stopped shooting continuos , however after 7 shots my flash my flash still shuts down.

    Sometimes its so bad , I now to have a spare SB-900 on me to swap out

    Now granted I was using the New XX 2500 mah batteries Sanyo , Im going back to the regular eneloops. I was reading that Higher Mah batteries can cause the Thermo Protection to trip more often. ( Of course this was after a bought a Full Set )

    Do you disable the Thermal Protection on your SB-900 / How do do prevent your SB-900 from shutting down.


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Yep, turned it off.

    Turn on the SB-900 flash unit and wait a moment while it initializes.

    Press and hold the "OK" button for about one second until the user menu appears.

    Turn the "Selector Dial" (scroll wheel) clockwise and notice how the user's menu highlight bar moves downward. Scroll down approximately 14 clicks from the top of the menu until you highlight the icon that looks like a thermometer. To the right, you will see an On/Off menu selection.

    Press the "OK" button once, and you will notice that the On/Off selection becomes highlighted. Turn the "Selector Dial" until you have "Off" selected and press the "OK" button to lock in the setting.

    Press the small unlabeled "Mode" button (next to the green dot) under the "Exit" label. It is the first button on the top left, just under the LCD display. This exits the user's menu and places the flash unit back into normal operation.


    The very next menu item beneath the thermometer shows a music note symbol, hit OK, skips over to the list turn wheel to select OFF, that will also turn off the annoying beeping after it gets "hot" it keeps beeping at you, annoying.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Again .. if the thermal shut-off is a problem, disable it. (And the beep.)
  • I remember Neil posting in a blog entry that he treats the speedlights as consumable items, because he hammers them hard for his line of work.



    There is another thread here that documents the SB-900 overheating faster using NiMH batteries, especially those rated at higher power, than alkaline batteries. Apparently, heat dissipation is greater over time from NiMH batteries than from alkaline batteries.
  • how do i preorder an sb910
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You can order an SB-910 from B&H via this link:

  • just got mine thanx, i love it! i dont understand what is auto aperature mode though
  • thanx ill read it, anyone else having problems using the syncport? when i conect my transmitter it only fires my strobes not my speedlight
  • trev i read the article he doesnt mention the auto aperature mode, and has anyone tried using the pc sync port and had problems
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Sorry, I only read the first couple things myself, and presumed it was a full in-depth, as usually is by Rob, with several pages to it.

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