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Wedding shoot in June at 3pm on a bridge...suggestions please.

DVogtDVogt Member
edited February 2012 in wedding photography
How to do this one has me scratching my head. There will be 9 people in the wedding on a bridge that is aprox 15 feet wide. Guests will be standing. With any luck they will have it at the west end of the bridge with the sun behind them. Fill flash will be necessary. Looking for suggestions that won't be too obtrusive. Attach speedlights to the bridge structure? Any other modifiers?


  • the point where the photo was taken would be a good point for group or formal shot. as for the ceremony, looks like a job for a good wide angle lens (keep it level). fill flash, i think i would opt for a manual setting and set everything based on what the lighting at the moment gives up with the flash one to two stops under.
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