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Nikon 24-120 f4??

NaftoliNaftoli Member
edited March 2012 in news & discussions
as a pro shooting with a dx body im thinking about upgrading from the 18-200 vr2 to the 24-120 f4 because i can see a night and day difference btwn my 5omm 1.8 and my 18-200, what r ur experiences with this lens(i am aware that there is an awesome 24-70 2.8, however i dont need 2.8 because i have the 70-200 vr2 for that. will the 24-120 be as sharp as the 24-70 at f5.6 or f8.0?)


  • I have both the 24-70 and 24-120 that I use with my D700. The 24-120 is not as sharp as the 24-70 but I find the advantage of the VR to be a greater benefit for my style when shooting weddings. At f8 there is little difference although the 24-70 is slightly sharper. I also have the 18-200 on my D300 and the 24-120 is sharper. My other DX lens is the 17-55 2.8. Great lens comparable to the 24-70 in sharpness and you would still have wide angle capabilities.
  • Thanx Bob, i thimk im gonna go with the 24-120 b/c i feel i need some more zoom, and as far as wide angle ill get the 10-24 f3.5-4.5
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