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sent it in twice but it still back focuses!

NaftoliNaftoli Member
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has anyone else had issues with backfocus on nikon, did anyone have there lenses calibrated for there specific bodys, it seems all my lenses r backfocusing about the same amount on my d7000 i set the micro adjust to -7 and that seems about right, but "seems about right is not good enough for me! and i dont want to part with my camera for another 2 plus weeks



  • just looked around a bit on line and some people seem to say that its normal for different lenses to need different micro adjustments?
  • Hi Naftoli

    Iv'e have all my lenses , Calibrated and Element Aligned by a technician . It's a must.
    In fact now I don't even take them out of the box when I buy them. The problem is you might be correcting for a back focus issue when you really have a Element Alignment problem.

    I would talk to your Large News Paper in your area. Normally They have all there lenses calibrated and probably know of a good technician . Or If you live in Canada private message me and I have some one I can recommend.

    Lou Recine

    P.S. Don't bargin shop for this it is Painstaking delicate work.
  • Sometimes, lenses need to be calibrated for specific cameras, but it's unusual to hear of several lenses have backfocus problems. Either you have a bad batch of lenses or you might not realize the camera and lens are not backfocusing. On higher end cameras, there is a micro adjustment menu that can be used to program the camera for up to 3 lenses. The D300 had it, but I have no idea for your camera.

    If you are sure the lenses are the problem, then you will have to get the camera and lenses serviced.
  • thank you guys for taking the time to answer me, Stephen its my camera thats backfocusing and it does have a built in microadjust which i set at a default of -7, as far as my 6 lenses i havent tested them extensivly enough i want to know if its normal that every pro gets his lenses calibrated to there body like matrix photo does
  • I purchased a "lensalign" about 2 years ago, and have used it on 3 cameras and many lenses. Easy to use and works great. (Google it) I can do a camera/lens focus calibration in less than half an hour. If I do several at once, add 5 minutes for each additional.
  • thanx pic taker, until now i thought that as long as ur lenses and body r the same company u shoudnt have a Back/front focus issue, i wonder if neil corrects his lenses and bodys b/c he tends to shoot wide open all the time,

    I may just buy a lens align, is it much better than http://focustestchart.com/chart.html
  • HowieHowie Member
    Lenses and cameras are all built to manufacturing tolerances, meaning they are not all the same. If your gear produces sharp images, my advice is to stop obsessing over minor deviations from the mean.
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited March 2012
    I am not a professional photographer, but I have never had to use the micro-adjustment feature. My images are fine.

    As Howie has said, the equipment is built to tolerance ranges, so while there is some variation in people's equipment, it should not be so much to cause problems.

    Naftoli, if you really want to buy a LensAlign to deal with your issue, I have a Lens Align Mk I version I could sell you, if you are in the U.S. I bought it when it first came out and ended up not using it, because like I said above, I haven't any need to use the micro adjustment feature.
  • Hey Neil vn can we get ur input here? do u calibrate ur lenses or use the micro adjustment?
  • so i spent a few hours trying to calibrate my camera to my different lenses using the micro adjustment
    set my camera on a tripod tethered to LR. ISO 200,lens wide open,shutter speed 1/200,on camera manual flash.
    Ive been using "Tims auto focus chart" i now have my camera set to -13 for 70-200 f 2.8, -11 for 24-120 f4, -8 for 50 1.8, etc.

    The first hour i spent i was changing the default micro adjustment setting for the whole camera but i wasnt seeing any difference btw diff settings, i then tried putiing it at -20 and then +20 and there was virtually no difference btwn the two, i then started using the calibration profiles for each specific lens and then i started seeing a difference
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