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Indoor flash technique for Wedding group shots

haanshaans Member
edited March 2012 in wedding photography
I read your articles on flash with great interests especially on the topic in max flash sync against a strong backlit light where some books were talking about using a fill in flash with high speed sync.

However most posts are discussing about outdoor flash technique. And I would like to learn more about indoor flash technique especially in a hotel ballroom or a wedding banquet. How do you balance with the low ambient light? Let say our objectives is to get a group of guests of 4-6 people in focus with some background lights?

Which mode do you generally recommend to shoot in this scenario? I would say M mode as we need to tweak the Aperture,ISO. Set flash ETTL on for ease and speed. Then shutter I am not sure, I would say no less than 1/30 or 1/60.

I attempted in TV mode, ISO auto, which effectively force my aperture to largest ie. F 2.8. which gives me shallow depth of field and ruin some guests photos.

Any advice please? Have a good day.


  • never use TV mode unless u want to blur motion! what? i said never use TV mode unless u want to blur motion! but in tv mode i can select the shutterspeed i want, No u cant b/c if the light is not suffiecent it wont work.

    TV mode or S is for the very specific situation where u need a specific shutterspeed to BLUR motion to a certain amount, for instance if ur taking NASCAR racing photos and u may need to shoot at 1/640 of a sec so that the car is sharp but the wheels have the exact amount of blur u want so it looks like its in motion, or if ur taking photos of rain, if u want the rain to look real u would use Shutter priority/Time value set to 1/60 to blur the rain drops a specific amount so it looks like rain.

    to answer ur question as a starting point i would use manual 1/60 of a sec, or faster (depending how steady u can hold ur camera) iso aprox 3200, f4, and ttl with a -2 stops fec
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