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Artistic Bokeh (Bokeh Effect) - Create your own bokeh shapes !

mvheystmvheyst Member
edited December 2013 in general photography

" This is a Bokeh & Art video with Samsung NX Lens. This clip was filmed in many places using various bokeh shapes include specific characters and letters. We made more than 300 different kinds of bokeh shapes, tested and chose the best shapes for each scene. "


Sweet Bokeh Video – Born This Way!

(You can download 2 files with some shapes)

* Tips for bokeh photography

1. Use of larger aperture works best
- You will get the best result with a lens, which can use large aperture.

2. Creating bokeh in different shapes
- Place in front of your lens a piece of black paper with the shape you want carved out of it.

3. Set your camera to aperture priority

4. Better to get closer to the subject or further away the background
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