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Solar Eclipse - How should I take advantage of it?

MgarberMgarber Member
edited May 2012 in general photography
There will be an "Annular Eclipse" in Taiwan next Monday morning at 6AM. The light that early is usually kind of fresh and interesting, but the added effect of the eclipse could make it even more so.

Does anybody have any advice for shooting the eclipse? Will it burn my camera's sensor?
Any ideas for how to capture the ambiance it will create?



  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited May 2012
    Yes you can damage your sensor and your eyes. As far as your camera goes do not start shooting until it has the corona. You will want to find yourself some welding face shield, welding glasses or a piece of welding glass so you can observe the process before it goes to the corona stage. That is what we did over 25 years ago. You can try using the welding glass over the front of your lens if it is big enough to view in live view to set up.

    There was no need for the lens part as there was no LV back then however I can't remember if my friend put the glass over the lens for pre or post corona shots. I'm no expert but I'm sure there is a lot of info info on the web. You can probably purchase dedicated protective glass for your eyes and camera.
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    Thanks! Where my eyes are concerned, my Guatemalan friend had a very easy and low-cost solution to see the eclipse. He said I should just get a bowl of water and look at it's reflection.
  • RubyRuby Member
    I have just ordered some today myself for the transit of Venus in June. It called Astrosolar film, not real expensive. You can buy it off the net and make up a shield for your camera.
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    Thanks for the tip! I'll look that up.
  • ZenonZenon Member
    So how did the the bowl of water work?
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    Wet. No, actually I slept in and missed it! Not another chance for 300 years! But then I saw my friends' pictures and was relieved to know that it was very overcast and nobody in Taiwan was able to see it.

    Well, there's always photoshop: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/files/2012/05/fake_eclipse.jpg
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