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Equipment on a budget

BrianPBrianP Member
edited May 2012 in Canon
To cut a long story short ......all my equipment was stolen a few months ago and work dried up - I have been cleaning houses to make money to buy new gear. My budget right now allows me to buy a 7D , 24-105 , + a Tokina 11-16 2.8 + a flash - I am a news photographer but do table top , food , video's and people hence the choice of those lenses. Would like to hear what you think of my choices. brianhendler.wordpress.com


  • MgarberMgarber Member
    the 24-105 is reputed to be quite sharp. If you add a set of Kenko macro tubes, and zoom it past 50mm, that would be a cheap if frustrating alternative to buying a macro lens for your food shots.

    On the other hand, won't the 24-105 be a bit slow for journalism?
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    To think of it, if budget is an issue, don't get the 24-105 anyway. Canon's kit 18-135mm is quite good optically, and it has rudimentary IS. Its main downside is that the focus ring moves during AF (and all the other little annoyances that come with kit lenses).

    But the important thing to remember is that it costs less than $300, which means an extra $700 in your pocket. If you're embarrassed to run into other press photogs with it, then just paint a red ring on it and turn the shaft white.

    Don't let the Red Ring own you. You be the Lord of the Ring.
  • BrianPBrianP Member
    I was hoping to hear from more people and Niel ,,,,,,the 24-105 might be slow but its a good studio/people lens , the 16-35L 2.8 is over priced and does'nt cover enough....I will splurge on the 50 macro. The Tokina 11-16 2.8 has got excellent reviews its very wide and fast and does not cost $1600 ,,,,theres the 1000 dollars saved. My mind is made up. I have never been embarrassed in front of other press people ,,,,, I have what I have and thats it end of story ,,,,,
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    So then what was your question? You seem to have your mind made up.
  • BrianPBrianP Member
    after your comment my mind was made up :)
  • MgarberMgarber Member
    Well, my last 2 cents is to not pass up the Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS, just because it isn't an L lens. I found the range and speed to be great before I sold mine. (Equal to 27-88mm on a 7D).
    Good luck getting your photo business back on its feet.
  • BrianPBrianP Member
    On a 7D I would prefer a short lens and something medium , not as I had before 16-35 and 70-200. Having seen Joel Grimes work and what he does with a 24-105 is enough validation for me ,,,,,,
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