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Spyder3Pro - Please help with callibration settings

photos2photos2 Member
edited June 2012 in general photography
I want to use Spyder3Pro for callibrating my monitor every two weeks, but have no clue as to which settings to choose. I read somewhere that Neil uses this program - could he please list the settings he uses, resulting in the quality of the colouring of his photographs.
Many thanks


  • The problem I've had with Spyder 3 Pro is that I will load a target (I have some that a friend gave me) and go through the motions of calibration, but if the final result failed to match the target, it doesn't tell me so.

    Basically, I load a target file, waste 20 minutes, then it says "Done". I've gotten quite different results from the same target file and it doesn't seem to notice the difference.
  • And one detail: I have a basic Asus IPS monitor.
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