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Ez box second sized lollipop

rlemishrlemish Member
edited July 2012 in general photography
I believe that I recently viewed a short video where you showed a newer taller lollipop for use with the lastolite ez light box
Using it would allow you to better position a flash such as a Nikon sb900 on top of a PW TT5. Is this available stateside and would you
Know the part number? Using the original one that came with my EZ BOX I am just able to attach my flash on my TT5 but it is positioned at the very top of the rectangular opening of the lollipop. Is this affecting in any way proper lighting results ?



  • Having went through this last year, here is the information you need.

    Call Manfrotto Distribution, which is the distributor of the Lastolite products in the U.S.

    Manfrotto Distribution
    565 E. Crescent Ave.
    Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
    T: (201) 818-9500
    F: (201) 818-9177
    E: info@manfrottodistribution.us

    When you call, go through the automated menu until you get to the parts department. Just ask for the "lollipop adapter" for the Ezybox Hotshoe. Last I checked, the part number was LA24190.
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