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Nikon D800 with SB900 and Bowens Gemini 200

ChriseggChrisegg Member
edited July 2012 in news & discussions
Ok here is my latest headache following my recent switch from canon to nikon.

I have my studio set up with 1 sb900 and 2 bowens gemini heads.

My bowens are both set up to trigger from cell.

My sb900 is set up to fire from my d800 remotely in manual mode.

My problem is when ever i take a picture, the effect of the bowens is not seen in my pictures. However the sb900 flash is captured.

Is there somthing i am missing.

My d800 is set up at f6.5 and 250 exposure and the bowens are set on full power so they should blow out all the background.

However this does not seem to be the case, am i missing somthing obvious, i have been shooting this way on a canon for years.

Thankyou for any help offered.

Kind regards


  • if i am understanding correctly u have ur bowens being triggerd via optical slave and an sb900 via cls, when using cls the camera emits a visible preflash to communicate to the off camera speedlights (in this case ur sb900) how much power to give out, then a split second later the shutter opens and the speedlight flash goes off, the problem is that ur bowens strobes r being triggered by the preflash right before the exposure, im not sure if the sb900 has this its called su4 (the sb910 has it) mode which basically turns it into a regular optical slave like ur bowens, then trigger it with ur popup set to maual at very low power
  • Thank tou so much i thought i had a duff D800.
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