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Picture Style

haanshaans Member
edited August 2012 in general photography
I was wondering what is the recommended or preferred picture style that one should use for portraits or wedding photography. There are many websites that recommend to start off with Neutral. I usually set it to standard.

Any advice please?


  • Hi Haans
    If you shoot RAW it the picture style will only effect your LCD image.
    I my self set my Jpeg settings to Neutral or Zero so my LCD image will be a closer match to my RAW File.
    How ever if you show clients images on your LCD screen I would bump up the Saturation and Sharpness.

  • a picture style is a preset that the camera applies to ur images as they are captured. depending on the picture style u choose the camera will add different amounts of sharpening, saturation, contrast etc, however when u take a raw photo the camera is only applying these adjustments to the jpeg preview that u see on ur lcd screen the raw photo remains unaffected.

    So to answer ur question there is no recommended or preferred picture style of the pros because the pros shoot raw, all contrast, sharpening etc is done later to the flat raw file for max latitude and control, i keep my camera set to the defualt standard so i have a good idea about what the finished photo will look like after i put it through LR
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