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Shooting at Confirmation

nikthoniktho Member
edited August 2012 in general photography
I'm glad I found this site, it has given me a lot of inspiration and new challenges! But now the time has come for me, and It has been requested that I shall take photographs at my cousins (christian) confirmation. (free of charge of course)
My point of view is that this kind of ceremony is formal, kinda like a wedding setting where everybody dressing up for the day.
The problem I'm facing is how I shall approach taking the pictures of the person that's getting the confirmation ( sorry for my bad english, I'm Norwegian), and his family/friends. At the time I'm seeing myself taking pictures of the confirmand, and some group picture with the most important family and friends.
1. The confirmand alone (portrait)
2. The confirmand /w Mom and/or Dad
3. The confirmand /w the closest family members
4. The confirmand /w friend(s) /girlfriend

The setting is outdoor (if good weather) or indoor. And I think I shall mange to find a location when I get there.
My second big question I asked myself was if I have the right equipment, and is prob my biggest worries.
Currently my setup is:
- Canon 5Dmk2
- Canon 24-70 2.8 L (without IS)
- Canon 70-210 f4, need some adjustments so focus is at right place (from 1988, inherited it from my dad)
- Canon 50mm 1.8

And I'm waiting for my copy of Sabre Pro Lighting Led (3200k) that I had to invest in after reading this blog :-)
Currently I have no flash cause the two I have are really old and I've been reading that I't can ruin my digital camera because they were made for the analog one's. Also I have not very broad experience using flashes. I'm thinking of bying myself a reflector though.

So if I could get some pointers on how I shall approach and comments on my equipment, I would be really glad!
Hope I made myself clear

Best Regards
A nervous photographer


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You're going to need a flash. :)
    There's no real way around that when you do event photography.
  • Yea, you need to get a flash right away. Just be sure it's a Canon flash and has a 360 swivel capability. If you cant afford one right now I think you could rent one. Or look for a used one on eBay. Then I'd go on the web and study a lot of wedding photographers' websites to gets ideas and get inspired as this event will be similar to a wedding.
  • Couple of points. There may be no photography allowed during the actual confirmation. We can at wedding but not during confirmation. So you may be taking just a few formals only.

    You will want photo alone holding certificate etc
    With mum and dad/ family/grandparents?
    With sponsor (someone who presents them for confirmation not a parent, normally godparent/s)
    With Bishop. (our bishop does all confirmations)

    I would put with friends in the if it happens great but don't get your hopes up catagory. They will be all tied up with their own families and rushing off to their own family celebrations.

    I did some recently for a friend and took them outside the closed arched church doors. I'm pretty sure I didn't use flash for those as we were just in the edge of the shade caused by the church and there was plenty of light. Someone holding a reflector would have been nice but I hadn't expected to be taking them. I defiantly wouldn't have spent hundreds on a flash for a freebie half dozen shots unless I was pretty much ready to buy one anyway.

    My own sons were at night, indoors and the lighting was horrid. There was a mad crush of parents all trying to get photos of the group and with the bishop and all my plans went out the window. The best I managed was a quick snapshot before I was over run.

    If you are near the location I would go and have a look at the location around that timeand then decide if it warrants the investment.

  • wow, thanks for the fast response ! :-) I will definitely think about buying a flash
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