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Where do you stand during weddings

jsteltingjstelting Member
edited October 2012 in wedding photography
I like to move around during weddings. I'll be on left, right and down center isles when shooting a wedding.

Do you stand in the back of all guests and use a large zoom lens or do you like to get up front, even though you'll be blocking the view (even temporary) of the guests?


  • I try and be unobtrusive. So I stay out of the view of guests except to grab entering and exit shots.

    Call me old fashioned but to me a marriage isn't all about the photos. I try to be as undistracting as possible so the guests and couple remember the ceremony, not me, especially if its a church one.

    So far I've not had a couple complain I wasn't more in your face lol so yeah, long lenses from behind the guests. My couples only fill half way down the church normally so it's not like I'm way back in a cathedral or such though.
  • I'd agree with Appps, we too try to be as unobtrusive as we can. There are exceptions to that, such as a specific request from the B&G. We've had from time to time a B&G ask for a shot of her walking down the isle from behind the groom, or the first kiss from behind them shooting out into the wedding guests....
    appps said: So far I've not had a couple complain I wasn't more in your face
    So true! Good point...!

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