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mjstahurskimjstahurski Member
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What software to use converting raw to jpeg for prints.
What size jpeg for prints.
What web photo sites for best prints. thanks


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited January 2013

    Photoshop [inbuilt ACR = Adobe Camera RAW program] plus with Photoshop you can then tweak further. But the ability to export from ACR to PSD first before editing, then you Save As a jpeg file.

    Also you can actually open a RAW file from ACR into Photoshop itself without even exporting and have that RAW completely ready to edit.

    Always best to edit in a good file format first like PSD [Photoshop Document] [or the RAW itself] before saving to jpeg which is a compressed file meaning it compresses the Highlights and Shadows Details but is necessary to print.

    2: LightRoom. Similar to ACR and you can export out to PSD's if needed for further editing, or do a copy and edit in Photoshop, save, and it will come back to LR for exporting then to jpeg.

    Both Photoshop and LightRoom are Adobe programs.

    3: Aperture [for Mac only] is similar to LightRoom.

    4: Capture One. This is a RAW converter mainly used for Phase One Images out of a Medium Format camera, but will edit all RAWs/jpegs.

    PRINT SIZE: Generally speaking 240 to 300 dpi. You would need to check with your lab you are using.

    WEB SIZE: I presume you meant for viewing, not printing, when you said: What web photo sites for best prints.

    Oh, just noticed, you said 'SITES', do you mean actual sites to upload images for web to for public viewing? . . . or . . . 'sizes' to use for general web viewing?

    If 'size' it's generally 72 dpi. If 'SITES', don't know, do not use them.

    Edit: Man, I read your 3rd question now 3 ways, this time I am assuming you mean: Which sites/LABS on the web you can send your photos to, to get them PRINTED. That right?

    My Preference: I use ACR, to adjust basics like White Balance, Exposure; but then save images to PSD files and do full edits in Photoshop.

    A lot will do all editing in LightRoom and don't even own Photoshop which is expensive compared to LR.

    There are others out there, some free, but serious editing is done in the 'Big 4' I think.

    You need to view/research, maybe try before although I don't think you can trial Photoshop, not sure, never even checked. There are programs which are simply 'known' to do the job effectively and brilliantly so no option to trial. You'd need to check.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    1. What software to use converting raw to jpeg for prints.

    If you're new to RAW, and shooting Canon, then Canon's DPP software is probably the easiest entrance into working with RAW files.

    Even though I have the latest versions of Lightroom and Aperture, I still go old school and use Bridge / ACR to edit and adjust my raw files.

    2. What size jpeg for prints.

    It depends on how large you want to print. But generally, I'd say just keep to the native resolution of your files.

    3. What web photo sites for best prints.

    I use Zenfolio, which is linked to ProdDPI.
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