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What Diffusers and Lights do you Prefer?

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Hi guys, Im interested in knowing what type of lights and diffusers you guys prefer? When choosing speedlights and using them in Manual is it best to go with same as camera manufacturer?? I have had Luck with Yongnuo's but will it make a difference if I buy the Canon Speedlights. Also have any of you tried the Alienbees line up.. I've been looking at the AB800's those lights seem awesome.


  • ZenonZenon Member
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    Light is light. In manual brand type makes absolutely no difference. You just increase or decrease flash duration to achieve pleasing results for all makes. The camera can't predict flash exposure and if you aren't using ETTL you can only chimp the results by viewing the image or use the histogram. Best item for that is a light meter.

    What type of diffusers. On flash or umbrella/softbox?
  • Diffusers such as Umbrellas/Softboxes Beautydishes?
  • I have a couple of reflective umbrellas (with diffuser screens) and a shoot through. I don't use them a whole lot so I'm not an expert. I'll be looking into a softbox for outdoor shooting when spring rolls around. I shoot mostly with flash on camera, while being mobile at events. I recently acquired two 600EX-RT flashes and the STE3 transmitter. When I get my third I am going to experiment with flash on cam and two on stands for events.

    To your original question - give me manual flash any day over ETTL if situation allows. I use my flash meter, exposures are set in minutes and consistent there after.
  • hmm i want a flash meter, ive never metered with one.. id say it would get my shots quicker.. I usually just use the "Rules" to start.. sunny 16,slightly overcast f11, overcast f8 etc.. just use them to start but the i start adjusting to my max sync speed and start adjusting from there.. try to underexpose my subject to later fill him in with a softbox.while correctly exposing the background.. it takes a couple of tries but im getting quicker at it.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    EYESIC said: i start adjusting to my max sync speed and start adjusting from there.

    If I understand you correctly you are incrementally changing 'to my max sync' adjusting as you go?

    It's better to just start off with the shutter at full max sync speed for your camera outdoors, then you only need to go to ISO / Aperture for ambient, then adjust flash to suit.

    The moment I walk outside I am at 250th for my camera, if I am going to be using flash which invariably I do.

  • Ahh that exactly what I meant.. Is set to my max speed and start adjusting Iso.. I re-read what i wrote and yeah it sounds like Im adjusting to get to my max sync speed when i reality thats where I start. Mine is 1/160 on Canon 5d Mark 2... I get a black band @ 1/200 sometimes? Anyone else have this problem?? Could it be the w/Triggers im using?
  • Yes that can happen and is fairly common. Depends on the trigger there can be a slight delay.
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