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ceiling and wall color suggestion

Wink11Wink11 Member
edited January 2013 in general photography

My husband started gutting our downstairs rec room with hopes to have a small home studio!! :) I was looking for a suggestion on what color to paint the ceiling and the walls. The room is about 12 ft x 22 ft with 8 ft ceilings. I occasionally rent a studio that has black as their ceiling color. Is this the way to go for the ceiling? And what would be the best for the walls?



  • I've read and have seen small studios usually use white all around... to bounce flash... I'm no expert but I would use white all around so you can bounce from the sides or the ceiling. Thats just me though..
  • Wink11Wink11 Member
    edited January 2013
    Eyesic, I was wondering that too. The lighter the room, better the fill light??
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I would say white.

    You can contain the light sources with grids on your softboxes.
  • Thanks, Neil. I'll read up on grids. I have the Impact quicbox softbox that I need to play with. I also have some hand me down lights coming my way... :) It will be a little while until the room is remodeled but I want to plan ahead and set myself up for success!!

  • Wink11Wink11 Member
    edited January 2013
    Hi, I was looking at grids. And as you mention they help to control light spill?

    Question, would it still light the backdrop or do I use a second or third light for that.

  • Depends on the lighting your going for... if you want the background lit I would use a background light. I typically use 4 lights, backdrop light, Hair light(rim), fill light, key light. Sometimes when Im going for a more dramatic/Rembrandt look i only use one light.
  • This is an example of the 4 point light, Its far from perfect but I'm still in learning phase.. I used a Snoot with Grid for hair light. This was also shot in a small white room used as a small studio.
  • Eyesic, Thanks for the image example. I think it looks great! Nice seperation from background w/ highlight in hair. Also, his face is nicely lit w/ some shadow retained! What are the dementions of your studio?

    I find this whole thing exciting and overwhelming. I started out taking pics of my friends, then took "some" classes, before I knew it I was renting studio space (w/ black ceiling) every once and awhile. The only prob is it's not my space, so I found myself in a safe trap! Key light on 45 w/ a fill. lol Once and a while I get crazy and cross light!! Which I love :)

    Moving towards my own home studio space has me spinning on what, how, why?? I want to make smart decisions w/ my time and money.

    Thanks for your help!!
  • Hah its in my garage 16x20? with 8ft Ceiling.. I wish it would be higher but for now that's what I have to work with. I wish you the best of luck in your Home Studio. : )
  • Making the best of it!! Fantastic :) Good luck to you as well. I look forward to chating some more. This forum has been most supportive.
  • You can make a white wall appear black by getting your subject close to the camera and light, then letting the wall hide in the distance. The light on the subject will be strong, but the light that reaches the wall will be too weak to reflect back to the camera.
  • I was told %18 gray was good any opions on this?
  • Ive read that neutral Grey (don't know if thats 18% grey) is good, also white or black, but not colors like Blue, Red. etc... because they might reflect onto subjects.. (just from my readings not from experience but it makes sense)
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    1 thing in painting white. Make sure it's a low sheen/matt/no gloss paint you use, as that will affect your photos with hot spots from a glossy paint job.

  • Thanks, Trev!! I took some shots of the gutted room today. I'll post some in the next day or two.

    Hoping your weather has improved ;)

    ohhh, next Sat. I'm taking a road trip to attend Neil's wedding seminar!! Yay!
  • Just wanted to follow up w/ a few snaps of the space I hope to use for some newborn and toddler studio space :) It will be a long road, my husband is doing all the work. Bless his heart!!

    The first image will be my "office". It is around the corner to the right of my shooting space.

    Second image will be my backdrop wall. It will be all closed up. This is just under 12 ft across.

    Third image is the reverse angle. I'll shoot form window down to the Lowes bucket. 22ft in length. The livingroom is getting a face lift too.

    Dear God, plz see us through!! A big job but we're excited.
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