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5d markiii or 6d

cakencameracakencamera Member
edited February 2013 in Canon
After a fair bit of research I cant find alot of difference between them, of course there are a few, but money wise, is it worth the extra for the 5d? As my main photography is wedding photography my main priority is noise levels at high ISO, they are both superb.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited February 2013
    Actually there'd be no doubt in my mind. 5D MkIII

    Although the differences are minor, both fantastic specs, etc. the 6Ds major drawback for me would be in wedding photography, only *1* card slot. That's a no-brainer for me wanting back up on something crucial like a wedding and since that's your main photography, well, up to you.

    The 6D loses some of the 5D Mark III features, as in a a simpler AF system.
    There are only two "C" modes, no auto brightness control for the LCD, not that that's a big issue.

    If money matters, of course get the 6D for a lot less money, probably $1300 to $1400 less, but, in the wedding scene, the only 1 card slot is serious enough for me to dump that extra moolah and spring for the 5D MkIII.

    There are tiny differences in sync speed, 200th Vs 180th, hardly even mentioning really, you would not see a difference in ambient at those settings.

    The buttons on the 6D are slightly easier to use as they seem to stand out more, once again, no biggie.

    All in all, a fantastic camera and if you want to save money get the 6D.

    For serious, 'one time deal' with wedding photography and an almost 100% guaranteed no card failure rate [it would need a catastrophic event to have both fail] get the 5D MkIII simply because of having the extra slot.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I have a Canon 6D on loan at the moment for review purposes ... and I have to tell you I was surprised at how solid this camera felt. Nikon kind of solid!

    So definitely check both cameras out at a store. The 6D might still appeal to you.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    That said, like Trevor mentioned, the dual card option of the 5D mark III is important.

    I can't imagine using a camera professionally again that doesn't use two cards.
  • Hands down 5D Mark III - the new 61 point AF system alone is worth the extra money.
  • Dual card slots would be good, I do use 2 cameras on a shoot, and its usually the card itself that fails and not the card slot? I have decided to go for the 6D as I cant justify spending the extra on an extra card slot ( you watch it fail on me a week next Saturday now ha). Had to laugh at the "Nikon kind of solid" Neil, I guess your a Nikon man after all eh? Over here in the UK we don't have a lot of camera shops to try gear out, as you might know Jessops went bust, although has recently been bought again by a guy from dragons den, hopefully he can rescue it. Now, I can spend a bit on a new lens, wide angle, recommendations?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2013
    cakencamera said: Now, I can spend a bit on a new lens, wide angle, recommendations?
    ooopsss...I just realised I recommended a Nikon 14-24mm as I saw "Nikon" in your comment, and wide angle recommendations but did not read it fully where it's a 6D Canon you are talking about.

    I don't have any recommendations although I have a 16-35mm, but it's unpredictable and since I only use it for Real Estate, I don't care as I can take my time taking shots with it on my 5D MII

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