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Help with MicroStock photography

CedCed Member
edited February 2013 in general photography
I do photography as a hobbie and I recently took the challenge to get some of my photos accepted on a MicroStock website. I find it quite exiting because it is a business that is open to everyone, and each photo that is accepted is for me a small victory! Well, now that some of my photos have been accepted, my new challenge would be to sell some ; till now I have not been very successful..... I would like to get some advise from you guys, for now I submitted everything I thought could be accepted, but I made only 4 sale so far.... I hope someone can have a look at what I have online so far and give me some tips, which direction to take, ... here it is:



  • making money with microstock these days can be very difficult. i started a few years ago as a hobby, i didnt make much but it definitely improved my photography due to there super strict quality standards. http://www.istockphoto.com/search/portfolio/6555479/?facets={%2225%22%3A%226%22}#2bdc8ae
  • CED - Unless you plan to have a real specialty subject, then microstock is all about mass production, low prices. Just keep submitting everything you can, make sure it's all well tagged.

    I stopped bothering year ago (much as I keep telling myself to get back to it)... I only have 35 images online, only about 5 sell regularly, but it's generated $550 over the 5 years since I uploaded it. If I'd stuck to my guns and uploaded a new batch every week I'd probably be looking at thousands of dollars a year by now.
  • Naftoli, Matt, thank you for your feedbacks. Matt, I was afraid uploading a bit of everything in all direction could not work. But I guess as you said it can generate some money on the long run, maybe enough to renew my 8mp camera in some time, and already enough within two months to buy Neil's new book :)
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