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Wanted: Images for Testing

TrevTrev Moderator
edited March 2013 in general photography
Hi guys/gals,

I am chasing old farmyard, old vehicle images for some action testing.

These images need not be raw, but must be at least edited to a good standard jpeg around 3-5 mb as I want to test some actions on them.

The images can be of old farmyard type buildings, cars, trucks, implements, etc. or a combo of 2 or more.

Long dried grass in front of them would be fantastic, old fence lines, you know the stuff I am talking about, wild west style without the horses. :)

Anyone with any of their own photos [not from net] can email them to me please.

Put in subject line: Image Testing. email: fstop_87_2@internode.on.net

Appreciate this very much, I will acknowledge each and every person.




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