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ISO setting

jsteltingjstelting Member
edited March 2013 in general photography
Neil...... great site and lots of excellent info.

but......... (you saw this coming)

Why do you shoot at such high ISO? Your latest posting (Anelisa – studio photo session)
you were in a bright lit room and shot at 800 ISO........ why not at 100 or 200?



  • the images were shot with continuous light. a lower ISO would have had the risk of motion blur due to slow shutterspeeds, or not enough dof due to wide aperture
  • neils settings were 1/125 @ f4.5 @ 800 ISO, had he lowered his ISO to 100, thats 3 stops of light loss. to compensate u would have to either slow ur shutter speed or open your fstop by 3 stops (or combination of both). opening the fstop would change the look of the photo resulting in less of analisa in focus as well as changing how the background window is rendered. slowing the shutterspeed down by 3 stops makes it 1/15 of a second. way to slow for handheld
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I shot at 800 ISO because I needed the shutter speed high enough, even with Vibration Reduction, so that I don't have camera shake.

    I was actually very sick with a head cold (or flu?) that day, and for that shot was laying on the ground, my head on a bean-bag, getting the sequence of images. So a lower shutter speed would've been problematic.

    With a D4, that ISO isn't particularly scary.
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