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AF mode for bride and groom

gedged Member
edited March 2013 in wedding photography
When the bride and groom or walking down the aisle what is the preferred focus mode you are using? I much rather prefer shooting in AF-S mode but I am afraid I will miss the shots I am looking for while searching for focus.

I am using a D800.



  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited March 2013
    Personally, I use AF-C, and always take 2 shots in quick succession, a slight pause, then another 2. Guaranteed a spot-on focus that way.

    I also keep the finger 1/2 pressed on shutter to keep the continuous focusing going, and slight pause is for speedlite to catch up especially if I have to use a lot of juice in lousy lighting as a couple of churches are in my area.

  • I'm not a wedding photographer but my approach is to use back button focus (AF-On only, so shutter button does not do focus at all) and leave it in AF-C all the time. So if I'm shooting a moving target, I can ride the AF-On button while shooting (per Trev's advice above) or for portraits press AF-On once to focus, then recompose and shoot. AF-S is definitely not the way to go for moving subjects, so ged your concern of missing shots is appropriate.
  • Don't forget to review the focus priority settings for AF-C. If it is set to release you will get a shot but it might not have focus lock. Set to focus priority you man not get a shot but the ones you do will be in focus.

    it isn't a right or wrong kind of choice but be aware of the impact of the setting.
  • I shoot with the d800 as well, Like NikonGuy i use BBF but i typically use single point focus to take advantage of my speedlights AF assist beam. (AF-C will not activate the AF assist beam)
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