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LR 5 Beta is now out

TrevTrev Moderator
edited April 2013 in post-production
They have released Lightroom 5 Beta version for anyone interested in downloading and trialing.

You will need an Adobe ID to log in.


When you install Lightroom 5 beta, the software will remain active through June 2013. Once the final version of Lightroom 5 is available, please follow the new installation instructions.

Some videos here:


Pretty big file for Windows though @ 796Mb; Mac 437Mb


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2013
    I just viewed some features, and for the first time it has really piqued my interest in LR I must admit.

    The radial filter [like vignetting but you can do it multiple times] looks great

    The 'Upright Adjustments' [in other words converging verticals] is simply awesome

    But one of the best is the new Healing Brush tools [not just a spot remover] seems superb.

    And the Visualisation Spot removal... you click the spot removal tool, and click 'visualisation' and it turns it like a negative mask and you can see all the sensor spots like the proverbial 'dogs' and you just 'spot' it out.

    Once it's out of Beta I may actually invest in an upgrade just to do little things, before I do full control edits in Photoshop, but who knows, they say all the features that are going to be in LR5 is not in the Beta version, soooo...... bated breath.
  • when i use the clone tool i never let LR choose for me where it should sample from (it usually doesnt pick such a great spot) i like to click and drag to manually choose the the area it should sample from. in LR5 it seems i wont be able to do this b/c "click and drag" will activate the healing brush :(
  • RolfRolf Member
    For me, the healing/clone tool is the #1 update!

    The book layout seems improved... and may get me to take a hard look at it once released.

    Good video by Scott Kelby as well
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Decided to install and test. Crashed upon start up. Uninstalled/Reinstalled, same thing.

    Researched and found the fix for Windows:


    It worked, so if anyone testing and on Windows 7/8 platforms this does work.
  • JerryJerry Member
    I will be awaiting the release of the full version as always... shouldn't be to far away.
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