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Camera shake

slravenphotoslravenphoto Member
edited May 2013 in general photography
Hi guys

I took this image recently for a charity event and although it is one which was used in promotional material, when editing it it was clear to me that it suffers from camera shake.


70-200 f/2.8 L IS II @ 200mm
1/250 / f/4 / ISO 2000
580 EX II @ +2 FEC

It's not the first time I have had problems with camera shake. I stick to the rule of thumb of shutter speed = 1 over focal length plus a little bit so here I was at 1/250 @ 200mm. I know it is not an exact science, but I was hoping to get get camera shake free images. It's a major problem because when shooting indoors I can't afford to go any faster with the shutter speed.

So, any ideas? Any clues as to how to resolve this? It could be that I just cannot hold a camera still without assistance!


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