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New Pocket Wizards

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
edited May 2011 in flash & lighting
Hi Everyone

I'm Trying to solve a Problem and was wondering if this is the right solution

Currently I'm using the Pocket wizard II to Trigger my off camera Flash.
But what I hate is I have to take my flash off and find a place for it,
and I haven't found a elegant solution for having both my pocket wizard Transmitter and Flash on my camera at the same time.

I'm open to any suggestions here if any one has found a good solution.

So I was thinking of buying the new

or the

and put my flash on top of that , that way I don't have to worry about switching my Flash and Transmitter .

Has anyone done this, will it work the way I think it will:

The on camera flash will work as normal and then I can just turn the Pocket Wizard ( MiniTT1-Nikon ) on when I need to do off camera flash.

Lou Recine


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