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Profoto B1 AirTTL. What's taking so long??

PDH7981PDH7981 Member
edited July 2014 in home
Has anyone heard any news on Profoto’s B1 progress for Nikon shooters? What the heck is taking them so long to come out with the Nikon Air Remote TTL-N? I realize that Nikon has a sophisticated metering system, but come on already. The Profoto website still has the same information about the Nikon release in their “B1 FAQ” section that they’ve had up there for months. In fact, it says the Nikon version will be released next year! I think that was posted last year… meaning this year… maybe. Who knows? Give us an update for crying out loud.

I’ve been wanting a B1 since they introduced the product last year. They better hurry up with the Nikon TTL-N because the money I’ve got saved up is burning a hole in my pocket. Hmmm … B1 or Nikon D810???


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