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  • Thanks so much for the advice. The wedding was last Saturday, and Friday all day we had torrential rain...it was scheduled to rain and storm on the Saturday also but it ended up being scattered clouds and bright sunshine...that alone was a challenge…
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my post Neil, that has really helped! I always shoot in RAW/manual, so that's a start but i really wasn't sure what to do on/off camera flash so that has really helped! I'm hoping i strike it lucky on …
  • Thank you Trev! I was lucky enough to have shot the photo of my daughter on an overcast day with snow on the ground, so not only did i have a giant softbox for a sky, i also had a giant reflector in form of the snow on the ground! LOL I will definit…
  • Thanks for the advice and the link Stephen. I would love to position them so i get some beautiful backlighting but unfortunately the ceremony is taking place on the end of the bridge where they will be in direct sunlight. Also, the bridge has a co…

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