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  • Doesn't anyone make a portable battery powered strobe that can be controlled with Pocket Wizards? So many people out there have Pocket Wizards and it looks like we have to replace them with other transmitters and receivers to be able to use a portab…
  • I actually used my color checker passport for the picture preceding the one above, but I don't think I had the video light on it, so it's pretty much worthless. If I had lit the color checker (and the white balance card with it) up near her face, I…
  • Thanks Trev. That's pretty much what my approach has been so far so I guess it's just more playing around with it. I was just curious if there was more of a science to it that I was missing. So it sounds like the workflow is to set the camera to …
  • No comments? Am I the only one that doesn't have a good handle on this and finds balancing light interesting but yet confusing at the same time? I can't seem to find anything on Youtube that explains the use of video lighting very well.

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