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Anyone here using Photixx strato wireless triggers. Saw a video on them, they seam like a good alternative to PWs and Radio Poppers at a more reasonable price. They have pass thru TTL and four channel manual set up. Again anyone using these?


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  • Saw your post about the 1dmark 2n Check this out www.shutterfreaks.com/Tips/CanonAlServo.html Basically. Al Servo Cfn. 4-3 Cfn. 17-1 Using the back button Hope this helps Sassone
  • I have been using the universal skyports. I find them very reliable. Manual flash only. sassone
  • Looking at the x100s also, from what I have read get the fastest card you can get like a Sandisk extreme pro. Also lock the card when removing it from the camera. If you fail to do this it can slow down your camera when reinserted into the x100s
  • Photixx Odin Just visited the Photixx web site, saw a just released ttl trigger with a review, if your interested. These are a little out my price range and need at this time. Here is a review of the Odin units. http://www.thephoblographer.com/201…
  • Hi, this should help Russell has several articles to help you out, just keep scrolling down till you find what you need. You should be able to use CS3 and CS4 articles to get you started. http://www.russellbrown.com/tips_tech.html
  • Saw a few posts about CTS and CTO gels in this forum, then reread parts of Neil's books on gels. So I'm thinking if I'm in a tungsten lit room, set white balance on camera to tungsten. Take a shot acess WB color. Then use the correct gel to get the …

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