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  • lucentko
    Hi John, Maybe this is what are you looking for. Pg103 VF display illumination. AF points illumination in red : Auto, Enable, Disable. Have fun with your new camera.
    March 2012
  • lucentko
    negative thing i have found so far is the focusing point selected, it's a black box and does not light up red…..read the manual. It is possible to setup (light up red) as automatic or permanent or off.
    March 2012
  • Zenon
    Hi. You stated you shoot with a Meca 58 af-2. Mine works great in Auto until I get to high ISO like 3200 in a dark room. I get the warning beeps and it tends to overexpose. Do you have the same issue. 1600 or lower it works great. Very reliable. I am going to ask this in the forums as well.
    December 2011

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